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Here are a few of Pastor Andrew's favorite things:

Scriptures - Proverbs 16:3 - Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Foods - Anything edible that I can place in my mouth. To name a few: pizza, pasta, ice cream, omlets, steak, cheeseburgers

Restaurants - TACO BELL, Coney Island, Chili's, Casa's, Subway, Pizza King, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel

Books -


Jim Cymbala. "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire"

Jim Cymbala. "Fresh Power"

Max Lucado. "Facing Your Giants"

Pictured: Pastor Andrew Miller

Martin Handford. "Where's Waldo"

Stan & Jan Berenstain. "The Bernstein Bears"

Movies - James Bond, Ocean Eleven (Twelve & Thirteen), Pirates of the Carribean, National Treasure (National Treasure 2)

TV shows - ESPN, King of Queens, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sports Nation, Saved By The Bell

Things I like to do: watch the Yankees win!!!!, play basketball, watch movies, play video games, exercise, fantasy sports.

Embarrassing Moment: As I was entering the summer going into my freshman year at high school, my family moved to a new town known as Brownstown. I was scared to death 1) because I was new to the area and didn't know anybody 2) I was entering a critical time period known as the "high school years." It is during this period where you have to be "cool" so you fit in with everybody.

I figured that since I had played basketball all my life, that this sport was going to be what helped me establish who I was and to become more familiar with my school and classmates. During the summer months, Brownstown Central High School runs open gyms in the mornings for those playing on the team. I remember that I began attending those open gym times and began to get familiar with my teammates and coaches. Towards the end of the open gym's, the incoming freshman, which would be my classmates the next year, would meet at the top of the gym and watch us play as they were waiting for summer P.E. classes to begin. Oh how scared I was because I didn't know them, but I wanted them to see me by how I played and think that I was "cool."

On one particular morning, I remember that I had been playing well. As I began to see that open gym was almost over and my fellow classmates coming in for P.E. I began to play even harder to stand out. That's exactly what happened. I stole the ball from a guy on the other team and took off for the lay-up at the other end of the court. As I went up for the lay-up, the kid went to get a hand on the ball to keep me from scoring so easily.......instead, he grabbed a handful of my shorts accidently and pulled them down. I had hoped that my classmates had not seen. However, when a guy's whitie tidies are as fully exposed as mine were, it seems like everybody takes notice. My classmates saw and they laughed. I definitely thought I lost all my "coolness" before I even started at this new school.

However, I still hit the shot and scored points for my team, that's all that mattered. My classmates never said anything to me about the situation during our entire high school career. Either no one noticed like I thought they did and they were laughing at something else, or they could have cared less.